LMNL office for architecture and landscape is a Rotterdam based studio founded in 2014 by Robert van der Pol and Erica Chladová.

Erica [Architect and Landscape Architect] and Robert [Landscape Architect] met while completing their graduate studies at the Technical University Delft.

Robert has worked previously as a Landscape Architect at ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles). Erica has worked all over the world – in London, Los Angeles, New York and Rotterdam – at award winning practices like Koning Eizenberg Architecture and LOLA Landscape Architects.

LMNL works on commissions, competitions, and research studies that bridge the fields of architecture and landscape. Our work seeks to merge the building and the environment, focusing on the liminal space between inside and outside. We believe in designs where the built form and living landscape benefit from and interact seamlessly with one other, and make sustainability a priority. Our goal is to design that interaction between architecture and its landscape to create more playful, powerful and liveable places.


Erica Chladová

Bachelor of Architecture : Cornell University [USA]

MSc Landscape Architecture : TU Delft [NL]


Architect in the Netherlands: # 1.121215.002

Landscape Architect in the Netherlands: # 3.140701.002


Robert van der Pol

BSc Architecture : TU Delft [NL]

MSc Landscape Architecture : TU Delft [NL]


Landscape Architect in the Netherlands: # 3.140801.001